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My Principles

Identify the problems – eliminate the causes

Your own individual anatomy and physiology provide the basis for every treatment. The causes of individual limitations are a result of each person’s individual characteristics, in combination with the effects of everyday living. My treatments are aimed at permanently eliminating the causes of your health problems, instead of just treating the symptoms.

The field of general or specific deficient conditions is very wide. Especially common are:
  • Congenital and/or acquired pathological patterns of movement
  • Acute chronic pain
  • Postoperative complications
  • Specific or general postural deformity
  • Unhealthy training

Treatment philosophy

You need to know and understand the exact causes of your health problems. For this reason, I provide a consistent and precise explanation of your deficiencies at the beginning and throughout the treatment. In addition to the therapeutic interventions, you will contribute to the success of the therapy through individually tailored home exercises.

Therefore, I assign especially important significance to anatomical and physiological clarification in the course of my treatment:
  • Treating deficiencies
  • Eliminating causes
  • Assigning individually customized home excercises
  • Systematically guiding and adjusting the exercises in the course of the treatment
  • Developing and recording the treatment results in order to increase motivation.

Taking pain seriously

Pain expresses the body’s need for help. With the correct physiotherapeutic treatment that is individually tailored to the causes of your health problems, medicinal or operative interventions can be avoided and you can actually be helped in a lasting way.

  • The causes must be eliminated in order to restore a healthy balance.
  • Whether muscle, nerve, bone, or cartilage cells are involved, these systems regenerate despite wear and tear. A medical intervention is therefore not beneficial and may even make the symptoms worse.
  • The prescription of pain killers, prostheses or reinforcements will not eliminate the causes.
  • With the correct treatment, which is tailored to you, you can do something permanently against the pain!

Individual Concepts

I develop individual concepts for you for the treatment of specific ailments and physical problems.

My goal is:
  • to eliminate your pain in order to work on the targeted causes.
  • to correct the structural deficiencies, such as functional limitations in joints, cartilage, ligaments and peripheral nerves.
  • to develop a 24-hour concept that actively involves you in eliminating your deficiencies.
  • to illustrate to you that the solutions for eliminating your individual problems lie in the interaction of anatomy and physiology.
  • to promote economy of movement and to diminish the specific pathological pattern of movement through key treatments.
  • to show you that painkillers and other non-specific aids are not lasting solutions to your health problems.
  • to thus help you make the best possible use of the time required for the healing process.
  • so that you regain your healthy balance.