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My areas of focus

Shoulder therapy

Rotator cuff ruptures: supraspinitus muscle, infraspinatus muscle, teres minor muscle, and subscapularis muscle

Shoulder-arm syndrome

Impingement syndrome

Calcific tendonitis

Ruptured biceps tendons / sutures / tenodeses / tenotomies


Latissimus Dorsi-Transfer


AC resection

  • Clavicle fractures
  • Upper arm- head-, neck-, and shaft-fractures
  • Dislocated shoulders
  • Bankart open and closed
  • Indentation fractures
  • Total endoprostheses: anatomical, inverse
  • Partial prostheses
  • Torn muscle attachments
  • Acute or chronic inflamed shoulders
  • Injuries of the nerve plexus
  • Bottleneck syndrome of the nerves
  • Rheumatic inflamed shoulder