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Your specialist for diseases of the hand, shoulder, spine, hips, knees and feet
Specific, concept-oriented Splint construction


Eliminating the causes and not just treating the symptoms

My priority is eliminating the causes.

I address your health problems in a professional and dedicated manner, and together we find the appropriate treatment.

You are welcome to make an appointment (+49 821 430 79 174).

Johann Birk

My Principles

Identify the problems – eliminate the causes

Your own individual anatomy and physiology provide the basis for every treatment. The causes of individual limitations are a result of each person’s individual characteristics, in combination with the effects of everyday living. My treatments are aimed at permanently eliminating the causes of your health problems, instead of just treating the symptoms.

Treatment philosophy

You need to know and understand the exact causes of your health problems. For this reason, I provide a consistent and precise explanation of your deficiencies at the beginning and throughout the treatment. In addition to the therapeutic interventions, you will contribute to the success of the therapy through individually tailored home exercises.

Taking pain seriously

Pain expresses the body’s need for help. With the correct psysiotherapeutic treatment that is individually tailored to the causes of your health problems, medicinal or operative interventions can be avoided and you can actually be helped in a lasting way.

Individual Concepts

I develop individual concepts for you for the treatment of specific ailments and physical problems.

My areas of focus

Hand therapy

Shoulder therapy

Spinal therapy

Hip therapy

Knee therapy

Foot therapy